The Best Led Dog Collar Review

As a pet lover, especially close friends like dogs, safety is always at the top of your priority list. You may think that you have protected your dog well from danger. But are you sure? Taking your dog out for a walk at night is always more dangerous than you think. There are many cases of dogs being lost, killed, or having accidents on the road, etc.

So, how do we make safe trips at night? Don’t worry; a led dog collar is what you are looking for. We are sure this is a great partner to look after your little friend.

Now, read on to find out about the best led dog collar right away.

Why do you need a led dog collar?

Before discussing the importance of a led dog collar, I want to give you some staggering statistics. According to a report by the National Council on Pet Population Research and Policy, only about 15% of lost dogs are found each year.
On average, 1 in 3 pets will get lost in their lifetime. This is a worrying statistic for pet owners. It means that if you have three dogs, at least 1 of them can escape from your residence and wander the streets full of traffic. Can you imagine that scary scene? A dog in the dark is difficult for even the driver with the sharpest eyes to spot. And unfortunate cases will occur.

Let’s face it, about 1.2 million dogs die each year from traffic accidents, a common cause of poor vision.

However, according to another survey by the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are 132 out of 187 missing dogs were found and returned to their owners. What are the common characteristics of these 132 dogs? 48% of the dogs were found to have the led dog collar. This collar increases the chances of your dog returning home safely in case it is lost

It can be said that led dog collar is an inexpensive investment but offers excellent protection for your dog.

Benefits of the best led dog collar

Although this collar has been popular for a long time, many owners still do not know what it is used for. Is it simply a casual fashion accessory or an item included with the purchase?

The answer is NO! The led dog collar is the product you should have when owning a pet dog. These collars have a lot of benefits, not just one. You will surely be surprised to discover how your experience of walking a dog in the dark will change with only a small collar.

Alarm for passersby

Darkness is always an enemy to humans and even pets. It reduces the visibility and reflexes of people, especially drivers. What if your pet suddenly crossed the street and passersby couldn’t see it in the dark? You may not always be able to be there to save him. It is not daring to imagine. However, with the led dog collider, drivers can easily detect your dog even from a distance to promptly handle the situation. It’s like a traffic light informing people that there is an obstacle ahead, slow down. Each type of led dog collar has a different brightness mode. You can change the mode to match the outside light.

Provide a light source at night

What would you do if you are a dark person and do not like to go out at night because of limited visibility? Will you and your dog stay in the house and go nowhere? Do you think it is unfair to prohibit your dog from walking at night? It would be terrible to see those sulking eyes when asking for permission to spend a night in the dark. If you are in that situation, then why not put a light source on your dog to show you the way? And you can enjoy the breeze while the dog helps you to walk in the dark.

The led dog collar light can show you obstacles on the way and help you avoid them. These led dog collars are exactly what you will need to operate at night.

Find lost dogs

Although every dog likes to follow the scent it smells, few people care about it. Dogs can run away only to know where that abnormal scent will lead them. So just a few seconds of not paying attention, you can lose your dog. Whether it’s an area you’re familiar with, searching in the dark is certainly not an easy task. So, to avoid this situation, tie a dog collar around your dog’s neck. Recently, some of them led dog collars are also equipped with navigation devices, which will help shorten the search time.

However, despite having many advantages, this led collar still has a pretty big draw back that you should be aware that it uses battery. The battery of the led dog collar can only be used for a certain period of time and needs to be changed frequently.

In conclusion

Above is some information about the benefits of the best led dog collar. Not only is an ordinary collar, but it is also a great help to help your dog out of danger, which is a source of light or helps find lost dogs. With the above advantages, the led dog collar is a device that any dog owner should own. Thanks for reading.

Take Your Dog To Work!

We pups are perfectly happy to stretch out at home on the couch. But we don’t want to be stuck inside every weekday. That’s why we’re already barking for Friday when you can take us to work with you. That’s because it is the annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. But before you rush to get our doggy bags packed, we want to remind you of a few things that will keep us wagging our tails and making sure  your coworkers stay happy!

Do an office check before Friday. While it’s hard for us to imagine someone doesn’t like dogs, some of your coworkers might be allergic or afraid. The last thing we want is to make someone uncomfortable during the work day.

Ensure your office is puppy safe. If everyone agrees to having us around, you have to get rid of hazards that might be unsafe for us. Wires, plants, office supplies or anything that might be dangerous to chew on should be out of reach.

Grooming, grooming, grooming. Nobody wants to pet a dog that smells bad or looks mangy. Give us a bathe and brush before Friday to make us the envy of the office!

Dogs need their own bags, too. If humans need a briefcase full of necessities, so do us dogs. Be sure to pack a leash, food, treats, a bowl, paper towels and doggy-bags. Anything that we’d need on a day when you’re home is something we need in the office.

With all that in mind, remember not to force any coworkers to interact with us. If they seem afraid, show us off to somebody else. While you have have to stay from 9-5, we might not be able to make it the whole day. Sometimes a new environment leaves us agitated. Talk with your boss beforehand to see if you’re able to bring us home if we get tired.

Even if you can’t bring us to your office, you can still show us off to coworkers through CoverPuppy. Maybe our magazine covers will inspire your coworkers to start planning for next year’s event!

For more ideas on what you can do at your workplace, check out this link for clever ideas from businesses across the country.

Pet Friendly Furniture

Pups we know how much we want to love and cuddle with our humans during movie night or just about any night.  Unfortunately we dogs are usually happy to be grubby, furry, and just a tad bit messy with tracking sand, dirt and mud into the house, all the while wagging our tails for joy.  So let’s talk about helping our humans to choose furniture that is dog friendly, while still keeping the house looking great!

Humans should choose furniture that is easy to clean

It’s not so much about choosing colors that don’t show the dirt, but rather about making sure that if and when the furniture is soiled by your beloved K9 that it is reasonably easy to clean. Of course white and pastel shades are a NO NO because dirt is surely going to show more quickly than darker colors.

Anything that is covered with fabric of any sort will be at risk, even if it has been treated with a proprietary product designed to make it easy to clean. The alternative is to have couches and chairs that have removable covers; or solid furniture with cushions that have removable covers. Or you can use throws over the furniture when the doggies are around.

Choose furniture which is DURABLE

This is not an easy one, because some of us dogs are capable of more damage than others.  You will need to weigh up the damage potential in relation to your K9 friend.  For instance young puppies are much more likely to chew furniture and other household items than older dogs. This could mean anything from wood chairs and tables to woolen carpets.

Keeping your pets out of certain spaces may help too! Some of us pups just can help ourselves.

How to keep pets off your furniture

Consider getting puppy gates or blocking off certain areas of your home for puppies that are newly being trained.  This will save your furniture and help your new pet learn the house better!

Whatever kind of doggie you have, big or small, young or old,  you can make the effort to provide them with a place they consider their own.  Dogs are creatures of comfort and habit. If they have their own cozy corner with a cushion of some sort, they are less likely to try and find refuge on your couch, chair or even your bed.

Get your pup his own chill spot

When pups have their own place of comfort to share with the family we are certainly happy to stay off the human couches and beds.  These pieces of furniture can be very affordable and keep the peace in the household.  For example, Petco sell Doggy Chaises for less than $80

A Dog Is a Man’s Bestfriend!

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, and your dog. You are his life, his love, and his leader. He will be yours, faithful, and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” –Unknown


We are perfectly aware of the old saying, “Dogs are a man’s best friend”.  But, why is that?  We’ve nurtured them, they’ve protected us, and in turn we have called them our companions.  Throughout time, the domesticated dog has been seen through entertainment in movies, such as: Lassie, Old Yeller, Air Bud, Where the Red Fern Grows, Marley & Me, Shiloh, etc. Dogs have so many roles in people’s lives, such as: good for your health and well-being, good for providing necessary emotional stimulus, and good protectors.


Having a dog enhances your physical & mental health. Dogs inspire you to be active and get  proper exercise. From walking dogs, because they need or enjoy a walk, it adds to the level of companionship and responsibility of your pet. Exercise is an excellent source of stress management and general health, and therefore owning a dog can be associated with maximizing these benefits.

Social Support

Dogs can be close to you, by being playful or even just relaxing with you on the couch.  You can go play frisbee, go play catch, go running, go swimming, and go take a walk. Or, pets can even assist with social interaction with people. When you’re out take a nice walk, have your canine friend along can make it easier to approach someone, it gives people a reason to stop and speak to you,  it increases the number of people you can meet in the park/groomers/pet shop/street, and it gives you an opportunity to increase your social network through similar interests.


Dogs are amazing protectors.  For example, try taking a calm walk in the park with your dog, and watch what happens if another person or animal tries to harm or threaten you, even playfully.  Your dog will most likely react to your attacker with fangs bared, in a spunky and courageous act of self-sacrifice in your honor.  Even when you’re at home, your dog’s job is to be continuously guarding your house when you are asleep, in the house, or away. When you are sleeping, they may be quick to bark at the faintest noise or even wait nearby the door to make assure no one is able to enter (no stranger is intended to enter, that is). Dogs act as alarm systems to scare away any unwanted visitors or burglars, in night or daytime.  Dogs use their loud or vicious barks to warn people to get away and alert you of intruders.

Because of these qualities, it is understandable why from the beginning of time canines have been our comrade, to wolves, to wild dogs, and to domestic dogs.  It never fails that we will always have some kind of attachment to the canine animal as pet, friend, or both.

Homemade Doggie Toys!

So we know our humans are on a tight budget these days and we pups always love getting new TOYS! We’ve seen those plastic bottles fill the recycle bins week after week and we thought it would be a good idea to put those bottles to one last use before you get rid of them.   So here are few ideas for homemade doggie toys that the pups here at Cover Puppy have come up with:

Plastic Bottle Toys

SO EASY:  just remove the cap and labels, squeeze the bottle so it makes a great crackly sound to get your dog’s attention, throw it up in the air and off you go, instantaneously you’ve created a toy to play fetch.

The Plastic Bottle with Beans – to make the bottle more interesting you can put dried beans into the bottle then screw the cap on tightly.

The sock bottle dog toy – put a sock over the bottle and tie a knot on the top of the sock; this will make the bottle more chewable for your dog.

The Plastic Bottle with Treats – put treats in the bottle instead of dried beans and cut a small hole in the side of the bottle. The treats come out as your dog is playing with the bottle. This was our favorite!!!

Your pup will have hours of fun chasing plastic bottles around but remember not to let your dog play unsupervised with the bottles, they can easily crack we don’t want your K9 friend swallowing the plastic.  Tip: just use the bottle once and then dispose of it, preferably recycle it.

We hope the humans out there will get some inspiration for making doggie toys at home and save some money along the way. Have fun!