All I Want for Christmas is Puppy Love

Christmas is upon us, and finding the right gift for your special someone is important!

If you’re still looking for the perfect gift, may we suggest the gift of…puppy love!? Don’t stop at a December to remember, a puppy makes memories for a lifetime! The cute puppy is sure to win over their heart when they play fetch or keep away, give you kisses, and most of all chase their own tail.

What’s better than opening a festive gift that you can shake to guess what’s inside? Having your Christmas present run from the foot of your bed right up to lick you face to wake you up on Christmas morning!

If you decide to “wrap” your recipient’s puppy for Christmas morning, make sure it’s comfortable for the dog. The puppy may be too wiggly, as puppies often are, we suggest adding a bow to his or her head. This fun video gave us some tips on wrapping a dog for a Christmas surprise!

Be absolutely sure that the gift recipient wants the responsibility of raising a dog. If they do, they will certainly adore this cuddly gift! Along with a puppy, you can include a starter kipacked with a leash, toys, treats, a gift certificate for puppy training classes and vet visits. That way, when they find their new best friend, they’ve already got a head start on a happy friendship!

Please considering adopting from a rescue or contact the AKC and get the name of a reputable breeder or breed club if you wish to get a pedigreed puppy.

Happy shopping! Have a tail-waggin’ Christmas!

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