Buying A Dog Could Equal A Healthier You

Everyone has heard about the supposed health benefits of dogs, but exactly how true is this? According to an article in the BBC Times, dog owners tend to ‘lead healthier lives’. The companionship offered by a dog can reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. Apparently pet owners in general tend to be healthier than non-pet owners. The study also found that dog owners are actually happier than cat owners. Here are five ways dogs keep you healthier according

  • They wake you up early: We all know the age old saying “the early bird gets the worm” and our dogs make sure we get that worm by sneaking their way into our beds at 5 am and begging for that walk.
  • Dogs always want to play: How many times have we wanted to go for a run or just goof around for a little bit but everyone around you is in a somber mood? Our pets are always up for a romp and always tire out after us.
  • Dogs are a great way to meet people: Every time I see an adorable puppy, I stoop down and make sure I pet it before its owner walks away. Usually in the process I make a friend in the owner. More friends mean more human companionship as well which means happiness!
  • Dogs are Protective: When they sense danger in any form, dogs automatically go into attack mode and would give up their lives for you. In fact, some dogs have even been known to detect certain forms of cancer!
  • Dogs love going outside: Let’s face it- going outside is good for you. How many healthy people do you see sitting on their computers all day in a dark room? People need the sun, and who else is always up to lounge or walk outside with you than dogs?

Our pooches are our pride and joy and we absolutely love them to death. We know that they love us back just as unconditionally. Dogs tend to provide us with a social support that no human can match. They are there for us when we need a jog, laugh or even just a good cry. They come when they’re called which is more than we can say for our cats that just sit and glare at us for hours. So this is our call to non-dog owners, what are you waiting for? You could welcome into your home a furry fun loving ball of joy. As always we suggest you adopt from any of your local shelters or your local SPCA at!

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