Preparing for Howl-o-ween

While us dogs are having a lot of fun playing in fall weather, we know Halloween is coming up! This is holiday can be a real treat for pups and their owners.

Sometimes we don’t always like costumes on the more elaborate side. If your pup is new to Halloween costumes, it might be a good idea to try one that is mostly accessories first. Dressing up with a fun witch’s hat, devil horns, or a themed collar is simple and less bothersome if your dog seems opposed to a whole costume. If your pup is completely in the Halloween spirit, Target and PetSmart offer some great costumes. Owners can even match their pup’s costume! Always make sure that the costume your dog is wearing does not obstruct vision or walking.

If your pup is accompanying you to Halloween festivities, remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs. Even though we cannot share our owner’s favorite Halloween treat, we do love treats. Some people make homemade dog treats or get them from dog treat bakeries. This pumpkin and peanut butter treat is sure to please some pups on Halloween!

Us pups love this time of year just as much as our owners do. Remember to exercise caution with treats and costumes, and most of all—remember to have fun!


What Does Your Pup Say About Your Personality?

We created CoverPuppy to share all of the beautiful puppy faces with the world while fighting animal cruelty across the United States. Each dog is an individual, and has his or her own personality and quirky traits. Whether they are sunbathing on a towel with shades on, or playing in the snow with their winter jacket it is a way for you to showcase your adorable dog and share them with your friends by posting it to Facebook. Your puppy might be handsome, unusual, even fancy, or too fancy, but no matter what, they deserve to be a CoverPuppy. In our own minds each of these puppies are the most beautiful creature on four legs. Just like this clip from 101 Dalmatians we are all unique and each of us embraces our own style, especially when we choose our pets. What is your perfect pet pair?


Hot Off The Press!

It’s a new CoverPuppy photo!

Check out this edition of the National Barker staring Brinkley and Rolo, claiming their innocence: “I didn’t eat it!!”

A huge thanks goes out to our Twitter friend @deanandbek for sharing with us.

We hope to see more of these two adorable pups!


All I Want for Christmas is Puppy Love

Christmas is upon us, and finding the right gift for your special someone is important!

If you’re still looking for the perfect gift, may we suggest the gift of…puppy love!? Don’t stop at a December to remember, a puppy makes memories for a lifetime! The cute puppy is sure to win over their heart when they play fetch or keep away, give you kisses, and most of all chase their own tail.

What’s better than opening a festive gift that you can shake to guess what’s inside? Having your Christmas present run from the foot of your bed right up to lick you face to wake you up on Christmas morning!

If you decide to “wrap” your recipient’s puppy for Christmas morning, make sure it’s comfortable for the dog. The puppy may be too wiggly, as puppies often are, we suggest adding a bow to his or her head. This fun video gave us some tips on wrapping a dog for a Christmas surprise!

Be absolutely sure that the gift recipient wants the responsibility of raising a dog. If they do, they will certainly adore this cuddly gift! Along with a puppy, you can include a starter kipacked with a leash, toys, treats, a gift certificate for puppy training classes and vet visits. That way, when they find their new best friend, they’ve already got a head start on a happy friendship!

Please considering adopting from a rescue or contact the AKC and get the name of a reputable breeder or breed club if you wish to get a pedigreed puppy.

Happy shopping! Have a tail-waggin’ Christmas!


Doga ~ Yoga for dogs

Who says yoga is only for humans? Yogic principle: live in harmony with all beings, including dogs!

Yoga is a great way to bond with your dog friends & because dogs are pack animals, they are a natural match for yoga’s emphasis on union & connection with other beings. Yoga classes which focus on poses and massage for dogs can improve digestion and heart function, and poses for people can reduce stress and a sense of feeling well.

You and your dog may not be good at yoga but at least you’ll get a good laugh and besides, laughing is spiritual.

Check out coach Jackson as he shows us how to do downward dog.  Take some tips from the expert!


Buying A Dog Could Equal A Healthier You

Everyone has heard about the supposed health benefits of dogs, but exactly how true is this? According to an article in the BBC Times, dog owners tend to ‘lead healthier lives’. The companionship offered by a dog can reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. Apparently pet owners in general tend to be healthier than non-pet owners. The study also found that dog owners are actually happier than cat owners. Here are five ways dogs keep you healthier according

  • They wake you up early: We all know the age old saying “the early bird gets the worm” and our dogs make sure we get that worm by sneaking their way into our beds at 5 am and begging for that walk.
  • Dogs always want to play: How many times have we wanted to go for a run or just goof around for a little bit but everyone around you is in a somber mood? Our pets are always up for a romp and always tire out after us.
  • Dogs are a great way to meet people: Every time I see an adorable puppy, I stoop down and make sure I pet it before its owner walks away. Usually in the process I make a friend in the owner. More friends mean more human companionship as well which means happiness!
  • Dogs are Protective: When they sense danger in any form, dogs automatically go into attack mode and would give up their lives for you. In fact, some dogs have even been known to detect certain forms of cancer!
  • Dogs love going outside: Let’s face it- going outside is good for you. How many healthy people do you see sitting on their computers all day in a dark room? People need the sun, and who else is always up to lounge or walk outside with you than dogs?

Our pooches are our pride and joy and we absolutely love them to death. We know that they love us back just as unconditionally. Dogs tend to provide us with a social support that no human can match. They are there for us when we need a jog, laugh or even just a good cry. They come when they’re called which is more than we can say for our cats that just sit and glare at us for hours. So this is our call to non-dog owners, what are you waiting for? You could welcome into your home a furry fun loving ball of joy. As always we suggest you adopt from any of your local shelters or your local SPCA at!


“I Woof You”- Ways to show your dog you care on Valentines Day!

Ahhh it’s that time of year again! There are roses on every corner, boxes of chocolate are being bought like hotcakes and lovers are painting the town red. That’s right, it’s Valentine’s day! Now, whether you love or hate Valentines Day one thing is for certain- you know your puppy deserves a valentine. Why should you enjoy all the benefits of being with that special someone while your puppy lies abandoned and forgotten in the other room? Well in a survey conducted by Reuters/Ipos, out of 24000 people in 23 countries 21 percent would prefer to be with their pet on Valentines Day. So this valentines day ditch the chocolate in favor of some chew toys and grab your biggest fan some cute accessories or some treats that they are sure to enjoy!

Check out Dog Lovers Gift Baskets for some cute ideas to give your prized pooch. Whether you’re looking for that adorable outfit so that they can be a fashion icon or looking to spoil them with some treats, that is your one stop shop for everything you need.  While you might be getting your loved one a nice bottle of wine, you can now get your adorable pet one as well with Canine Wine at A Dogs Life. In just a couple of minutes you can immortalize your dogs face on a bottle of wine and enjoy it on a special occasion.
Of course while your own pet always has a special place in your heart, always think about adopting at your local SPCA.  Make room in your heart and your home this year by heading over to your local SPCA and making the long term commitment to your most faithful companion. Check out for locations and ideas on adopting pets!


Spring is here: Tips to Keeping Your Puppy Happy and Healthy this Season

While we welcome the arrival of the warmer weather, we also welcome allergies, spring-cleaning and gardening! Get your pooch ready for the sun and make sure you have the following things ready:

  1. Tick Medication: This has been an unusually warm winter and ticks haven’t had their usual time off. In most winters, ticks vanish by the fall and then make their appearance again in late-April. This year the warmth allowed them to be present until December and arrive even earlier! Make sure you’ve stocked up on tick medication for your dog. Check out this article for more tips on keeping your dog Tick-Free.
  2. Play outside: Go outside and play with your puppy! It’s going to be gorgeous for a while now, so take advantage of it and make sure you’re running and playing with your puppy. Get to your local dog park and make sure you bring your Frisbee, because your dog will love to fetch and play all day long.
  3. Keep your Pup clean: All that playing outside will definitely cause your pup to drag in mud and other filth into your house. Make sure they are clean and not messing up your spring-cleaning! Give them regular baths and try to wipe their feet before they walk in. Make sure you’re brushing their coat regularly as well because
  4. Go to the Vet: Make sure your puppy is up to date on all his shots and make sure he is a healthy, happy, pup! If he suffers from allergies, ask your vet what you can do to make his spring a little bit more enjoyable!

Whether you plan on having an outdoorsy spring or a couch potato spring, we hope you follow our tips and advice. Check out this article for more tips for pet owners this spring! l And if you’re nervous about gardening with all those chemicals when you have a dog in the house, check this article out on tips to make sure your pooch stays safe!


Ways Your Pet Can Improve Your Health

Many people wouldn’t think that having a pet would do much but to keep the owner company. But there’s many benefits to having a pet and even more interesting are the health benefits that come with having a pet. Having a pet can help with emotion, mood, physical health and fitness as well as building and maintaining relationships.

Believe it or not, pets can enhance your mood. If youre feeling stressed or anxious, it doesn’t take long for the stress and anxiety levels to decrease. Of course, a lot of stress isnt good for the body but being around a dog or a cat or even watching a fish swim around for 15 to 30 minutes can aid in the wear and tear that stress can do to the body. Pets also can help in those that suffer from depression. Petting, grooming, walking and playing with your pet can have a calming effect on your emotions and mental health.

Your physical health is extremely important but if you come to realize that you havent attended any of the group fitness classes you signed up for, there is a simple solution to get yourself into shape. Taking your dog out for a 30 minute walk or playing fetch can help improve your physical fitness and keep you moving. Also, your pet can become your exercise partner. Theres even yoga classes that people can do with their dogs called doga. Call your local gym to see if they offer that or a similar program.

Another way to stay healthy is to have relatonahips and to be engaged with others, talk to other pet owners. Visiting a dog park allows you to socialize with other owners  by starting conversations about what kind dog you have, how many, share cool tricks your dog can do. These conversations can then branch into other more in depth conversations. Aside from building realationships, animals can also be used to improve them.

Arguing with your spouse too often? Some mental health therapists use dogs in their therapy techniques. One therapist tells a story about a couple who argued constantly. The dog that usualy slept or sat quietly in the office wanted out of the office when the couple began arguing. The therapist used this as a way to show the couple how their bickering effected those around them, specifically their children.

Whether its physical, emotional or mental health, animals can your happy pill. Buiding a better you takes dedication and time and who better to take that journey with then your best pal.


4 Tips for Roadtripping with Your Dog

Road trips are a great way to see the world, unwind, and spend quality time with friends and family!  If you’re like us, the thought of leaving your dog behind is heartbreaking. So, why do it?  One of the great things about road trips are their flexibility. Take advantage of that fact, and bring your dog along for the ride!  After careful consideration, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips that will make this trip enjoyable for you and your canine companion.

1. Pay your vet a visit

Although it is not the most glamorous beginning to a fun-filled adventure, it is a crucial step to ensuring the safety of your pet. A healthy dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog makes for a happy owner!  So make sure you talk to your veterinarian about your plan so he can make sure your little one is in tip-top shape for your journey.

2. Pack a doggie bag

We’re not talking about what you bring home from a restaurant – bring a bag with all your dog’s needs for the trip! Your dog wants to feel comfortable and at home, so bring their water and food bowls, treats, toys, blankets, and food. While you may think to buy food once you get on the road, a sudden change in diet and environment could spell trouble for your dog’s digestive system. Play it safe and stick to what you know. Your car’s backseat will thank you!

3. Plan a trip with your pooch in mind

With your car all packed up, a healthy dog by your side, it’s time to plan your trip!  Dogs need to poop, exercise, eat, drink, and have fun; so be sure to stop frequently along the way! With the Go Pet Friendly road trip planner, you can locate dog parks, pet-friendly restaurants and hotels, and other fun pit stops. You can customize your specific trip by simply typing in your starting/ending points and in a matter of minutes you’ll have a unique travel guide that you and your dog will always remember!

4. Now get going!

It’s summer vacation!  So have fun and enjoy your pet’s company.  If they could talk they’d say, “Thanks for not putting me in a kennel!  I love you!”