Fall Grooming Tips To Keep Your Pup Looking Its Best

Summer might have meant going to the groomers for an easy-to-manage shave, but now that summer is starting to change to fall, we’re ready to grow out our coats again, both to keep warm and model our fall fashions.  However, we know that many owners forget the tips and tricks to keep these groomer’s doggie dos from getting knotted, matted or losing their shine.  That’s why we wanted to offer some grooming tips on in-between trips to the groomer to make sure that every dog, from the short-haired Chihuahua to the long-haired Yorkshire Terrier, looks their best.

Short hair doesn’t mean no care.

While smooth, short-haired breeds, including the chihuahua or boxer, don’t need it as often, once a week grooming is necessary. Two types of brushes are standard; first, a rubber brush loosens dirt and dead skin. This is followed by a bristle brush, removes dead hair, helping reduce risk of shedding. Finally, if you want your pooch to have a little shine, the ASPCA recommends using a chamois cloth to rub down their coat.

Help prevent matting.

Breeds, including the retriever, that have short, dense hair only require a once-a-week groom. But this routine is a little bit different. While the bristle bush is still necessary, you also need to use a slicker brush, which is made with a lot of fine, extra soft pins. This brush helps to remove any tangles that can easily turn into mats, and it also helps to distribute oils through the coat, giving your dog a vibrant, healthy look.

Some pups are just a little bit more high maintenance.

We know how popular our Yorkie friends are, but they also require, like all breeds with long, smooth hair, the most grooming care. Daily brushing with both a slicker and bristle brush is necessary to prevent tangles and reduce the risk of mats. For certain breeds, including collies and Afghan hounds, you need to also trim around the hock and feet.

While these are only basic grooming tips, we hope you’ll realize how important they are to pups like us.  Not focusing on keeping our coats nice means more shedding, painful knots, and an unpleasant next visit to the groomer.  We don’t want that, and we’re sure you don’t either.  To keep us looking our best and ready for our next Cover Puppy pose this fall, follow these basic tips, check out the ASPCA’s grooming website, or contact your vet directly.  Not only will your pup be happy, but they’ll be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

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