“I Woof You”- Ways to show your dog you care on Valentines Day!

Ahhh it’s that time of year again! There are roses on every corner, boxes of chocolate are being bought like hotcakes and lovers are painting the town red. That’s right, it’s Valentine’s day! Now, whether you love or hate Valentines Day one thing is for certain- you know your puppy deserves a valentine. Why should you enjoy all the benefits of being with that special someone while your puppy lies abandoned and forgotten in the other room? Well in a survey conducted by Reuters/Ipos, out of 24000 people in 23 countries 21 percent would prefer to be with their pet on Valentines Day. So this valentines day ditch the chocolate in favor of some chew toys and grab your biggest fan some cute accessories or some treats that they are sure to enjoy!

Check out Dog Lovers Gift Baskets for some cute ideas to give your prized pooch. Whether you’re looking for that adorable outfit so that they can be a fashion icon or looking to spoil them with some treats, that is your one stop shop for everything you need.  While you might be getting your loved one a nice bottle of wine, you can now get your adorable pet one as well with Canine Wine at A Dogs Life. In just a couple of minutes you can immortalize your dogs face on a bottle of wine and enjoy it on a special occasion.
Of course while your own pet always has a special place in your heart, always think about adopting at your local SPCA.  Make room in your heart and your home this year by heading over to your local SPCA and making the long term commitment to your most faithful companion. Check out for locations and ideas on adopting pets!

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