4 Tips for Roadtripping with Your Dog

Road trips are a great way to see the world, unwind, and spend quality time with friends and family!  If you’re like us, the thought of leaving your dog behind is heartbreaking. So, why do it?  One of the great things about road trips are their flexibility. Take advantage of that fact, and bring your dog along for the ride!  After careful consideration, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips that will make this trip enjoyable for you and your canine companion.

1. Pay your vet a visit

Although it is not the most glamorous beginning to a fun-filled adventure, it is a crucial step to ensuring the safety of your pet. A healthy dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog makes for a happy owner!  So make sure you talk to your veterinarian about your plan so he can make sure your little one is in tip-top shape for your journey.

2. Pack a doggie bag

We’re not talking about what you bring home from a restaurant – bring a bag with all your dog’s needs for the trip! Your dog wants to feel comfortable and at home, so bring their water and food bowls, treats, toys, blankets, and food. While you may think to buy food once you get on the road, a sudden change in diet and environment could spell trouble for your dog’s digestive system. Play it safe and stick to what you know. Your car’s backseat will thank you!

3. Plan a trip with your pooch in mind

With your car all packed up, a healthy dog by your side, it’s time to plan your trip!  Dogs need to poop, exercise, eat, drink, and have fun; so be sure to stop frequently along the way! With the Go Pet Friendly road trip planner, you can locate dog parks, pet-friendly restaurants and hotels, and other fun pit stops. You can customize your specific trip by simply typing in your starting/ending points and in a matter of minutes you’ll have a unique travel guide that you and your dog will always remember!

4. Now get going!

It’s summer vacation!  So have fun and enjoy your pet’s company.  If they could talk they’d say, “Thanks for not putting me in a kennel!  I love you!”


Pet Friendly Furniture

Pups we know how much we want to love and cuddle with our humans during movie night or just about any night.  Unfortunately we dogs are usually happy to be grubby, furry, and just a tad bit messy with tracking sand, dirt and mud into the house, all the while wagging our tails for joy.  So let’s talk about helping our humans to choose furniture that is dog friendly, while still keeping the house looking great!

Humans should choose furniture that is easy to clean

It’s not so much about choosing colors that don’t show the dirt, but rather about making sure that if and when the furniture is soiled by your beloved K9 that it is reasonably easy to clean. Of course white and pastel shades are a NO NO because dirt is surely going to show more quickly than darker colors.

Anything that is covered with fabric of any sort will be at risk, even if it has been treated with a proprietary product designed to make it easy to clean. The alternative is to have couches and chairs that have removable covers; or solid furniture with cushions that have removable covers. Or you can use throws over the furniture when the doggies are around.

Choose furniture which is DURABLE

This is not an easy one, because some of us dogs are capable of more damage than others.  You will need to weigh up the damage potential in relation to your K9 friend.  For instance young puppies are much more likely to chew furniture and other household items than older dogs. This could mean anything from wood chairs and tables to woolen carpets.

Keeping your pets out of certain spaces may help too! Some of us pups just can help ourselves :)

How to keep pets off your furniture

Consider getting puppy gates or blocking off certain areas of your home for puppies that are newly being trained.  This will save your furniture and help your new pet learn the house better!

Whatever kind of doggie you have, big or small, young or old,  you can make the effort to provide them with a place they consider their own.  Dogs are creatures of comfort and habit. If they have their own cozy corner with a cushion of some sort, they are less likely to try and find refuge on your couch, chair or even your bed.

Get your pup his own chill spot

When pups have their own place of comfort to share with the family we are certainly happy to stay off the human couches and beds.  These pieces of furniture can be very affordable and keep the peace in the household.  For example, Petco sell Doggy Chaises for less than $80


Take Your Dog to Work!

We pups are perfectly happy to stretch out at home on the couch. But we don’t want to be stuck inside every weekday. That’s why we’re already barking for Friday when you can take us to work with you. That’s because it is the annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. But before you rush to get our doggy bags packed, we want to remind you of a few things that will keep us wagging our tails and making sure  your coworkers stay happy!

Do an office check before Friday. While it’s hard for us to imagine someone doesn’t like dogs, some of your coworkers might be allergic or afraid. The last thing we want is to make someone uncomfortable during the work day.

Ensure your office is puppy safe. If everyone agrees to having us around, you have to get rid of hazards that might be unsafe for us. Wires, plants, office supplies or anything that might be dangerous to chew on should be out of reach.

Grooming, grooming, grooming. Nobody wants to pet a dog that smells bad or looks mangy. Give us a bathe and brush before Friday to make us the envy of the office!

Dogs need their own bags, too. If humans need a briefcase full of necessities, so do us dogs. Be sure to pack a leash, food, treats, a bowl, paper towels and doggy-bags. Anything that we’d need on a day when you’re home is something we need in the office.


With all that in mind, remember not to force any coworkers to interact with us. If they seem afraid, show us off to somebody else. While you have have to stay from 9-5, we might not be able to make it the whole day. Sometimes a new environment leaves us agitated. Talk with your boss beforehand to see if you’re able to bring us home if we get tired.

Even if you can’t bring us to your office, you can still show us off to coworkers through CoverPuppy. Maybe our magazine covers will inspire your coworkers to start planning for next year’s event!

For more ideas on what you can do at your workplace, check out this link for clever ideas from businesses across the country.


Tips for the Dog Days of Summer

There isn’t a moment where us pups don’t love to play outside. Running, catching a Frisbee, swimming, everything about summer gets our tails wagging. But in these dog days of summer, we also feel the heat and humidity. Like humans, we need to be kept safe and healthy.

You might not realize some of the things that are specific to our well-being. Here’s what we want you to remember:

Take us for a walk before work or at dusk. We need our exercise, but the hottest part of the day can tire us out too easily. You don’t run in the middle of the day, so we shouldn’t either!

Give us lots of water. Make plenty of cool, fresh water on hot days. We can get dehydrated just as easily as humans.

If we have to stay outside, don’t put us in a doghouse. Doghouses trap heat and can make us sick very easily. Instead, get a wading pool and fill it with water so we have a place to cool off.

Have us protected against pesky mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. It’s bug season and because we’re so irresistible, we attract a lot of them. We know preventative care is expensive, but our friends at American Kennel Club have some affordable options to help out.

We loving swimming, but… the currents and riptide can be strong. Never leave us unattended and be sure to check on water conditions before heading out.

NEVER leave us in a car. In a matter of minutes, temperatures inside a car can rise above 100 degrees. Like babies or small children, we can get sick very easily.

These are only a few tips, but they’re some of the most important to remember in making this a barktastic summer. For more ways to keep us safe and to find out about a cool pet weather app, visit our friends at the ASPCA.

If you and your pup make it out swimming, don’t forget to snap a photo and post it to our Facebook! We know they’d be perfect for Spots Illustrated.


Wishing Your Pup A Happy Birthday!

We know our pup friends are observant! So we’re guessing you’ve probably realized all of the birthday bashes your owners or friends have been holding lately. But how many of you have had your own birthday celebrated?

Are you itching for a cake? Doggy bags? Presents? We want to offer some tips to make planning a party easier for your owners and safe for you. Keep these tips in mind and then invite your pup friends over. Just don’t forget to take pictures! We want to see the festivities.


We know one of the most important parts of any human birthday party is the cake. Pups love treats too, but you have to remember that while humans like chocolate, even the smallest amount is poisonous to pups. We recommend raiding a Petco Dog Treat Bar. Find larger dog biscuits and line them on the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle your favorite type of wet dog food over those biscuits. Keep layering dog biscuits and wet dog food until you have the right size cake and then sprinkle the top with any other treats your pup desires.


What party is complete without a doggy bag? The easiest thing to include in these are, of course, new dog toys! What pup isn’t going to like a little chew toy? Be sure to know the other dogs that might be coming along to the party. Tiny chew toys won’t work for a German Shepard but a Pomeranian could easily be dwarfed by other toys. For a range of toys, we recommend KONG.

But you can also show your creativity or craftiness! Another idea includes making homemade treats or cookies. Check out some great recipes here or let your imagination run wild.


While you can easily hold a pup party inside, you have to think about how messy a group of dogs might be as they sink their teeth into the cake. If you think your pup and pup friends will be messy, consider hosting the party in outdoor, fenced in backyard. Much easier to clean up the mess and more room for the dogs to run around and play!

Just remember if it’s a hot summer today to have plenty of water or even a smaller wading pool. You don’t want any of the pups to get sick.

With these tips in mind, don the party hats and get to bark out, “Happy Birthday to you!” In a season of parties and summer fun, there’s never a moment when you can’t pamper your pup.  As always, don’t forget to snap their photo and make them our next Cover Puppy!


Pups make exercising fun!

If you’re a human who exercises frequently and is looking to change things up a little or someone who is hoping to exercise more, your pup might be the answer! ‘Dogs are the latest in home exercise equipment’ according to the New York Times. Not only is exercising with your beloved pooch good for you, it’s good for them too.

Just like with humans, exercise is good for your pups body and mind. It helps fight obesity, releases excess energy, and keeps both people and humans happier and more content. If your dog is very hyper or causing a lot of trouble, chances are it’s because they are not getting enough exercise. Working out along with them ensures that they are actually getting the proper amount of exercise, and it helps your waistline as well!

Every dog is different so make sure to check with your veterinarian to see if your pup is in good health before making them a part of your exercise routine. Once they are cleared for activity make sure your pup gets good aerobic exercise at least three times a week! Besides that, dogs should get some form of exercise every day.

Human and dogs exercising together seems to be the latest trend. Even Hilary Duff is doing it! So keep up with what the stars are doing and make this your new “pet” project.

Some fun activities your pup may be included in on are walking, running, swimming, and bicycling. For a list of fun activities you may do with your best friend while still getting exercise yourself click here.

Staying hydrated is extremely important too! Make sure you fill up the water bowl when returning home. Make sure you also check for signs that you may be working your dog too hard. Some examples of this would be heavy panting and overheating. Small dogs cannot quite handle what big dogs can so make sure the exercise that you choose fits your friend.

Your pup will love exercising with you because it will create an even stronger bond between the two of you. It not only shows them that you’re willing to include them in something but it’s also better for their health and well being, and trust me, they know!


The Dog Days of Summer

Hey pups, it’s time to get excited! We have another event revolving all around us coming up September 10th-11th! Our friend, the Chadds Ford Historical Society, is hosting their second “Dog Days of Summer” event. It was such a hit last time; they decided to have it once again!  I didn’t have a chance to go last time so I’m hoping I can get the human to go this year!

The term “dog days of summer” might sound lazy, sad and boring but this is anything but! There are so many things happening that I’m very excited about! First there will be a doggy obstacle course; I’ve been practicing for weeks with pillows, shoes, blankets, and anything I can get my paws on.  My human doesn’t seem too happy about that when arriving home after work, I usually get yelled at!

But the part I’m looking forward to the most is the Doggie Dress-up Parade on Saturday at 11:00am.  My human just took me to get groomed so I’m looking in tip-top shape.  I also have a woof-er-ific outfit that will make me feel like royalty. I’m looking forward to see everyone else’s outfits, too.  I know they will be handing out some award ribbons so I’m crossing my paws that I get one.

It’s also the perfect time to grab an action shot of your pup to upload to your CoverPuppy App! They’ll be feeling like a star and have pictures to remember their fantastic day! I hope you’ll share your uploads with me after the event.

There is also stuff to keep the humans happy as well, there will be artists, crafts, entertainment, antique cars, shopping, yummy food (that I’m hoping may land its way into my doggie dish) and some rides for the smaller humans.  I hear they will even be selling beehive oven bread! Hopefully while they are tasting wine and brews they will start to be more lenient with the food that I can eat and some delicious beehive oven bread will fall right into my mouth.

I’m so excited for this event and it’s really close by.  If you are anywhere near Chadds Ford, PA you must stop by, for the sake of your furry friend.  If you’ll be coming from out of town visit Brandywine CVB’s Facebook for more information on where you can stay in the area.

Tell the adult humans to bring $5 each to get in.  Little humans, parking and pups are FREE, Yippee!! The event is open from 10:00am – 5:00pm both Saturday and Sunday.  For directions send us an e-mail or put 1736 Creek Rd., Chadds Ford, PA 19317-9498 in your GPS. It would be doggone great to see you all there!

If you have any more questions please email [email protected] or call 610.388.7480.


Fall Grooming Tips To Keep Your Pup Looking Its Best

Summer might have meant going to the groomers for an easy-to-manage shave, but now that summer is starting to change to fall, we’re ready to grow out our coats again, both to keep warm and model our fall fashions.  However, we know that many owners forget the tips and tricks to keep these groomer’s doggie dos from getting knotted, matted or losing their shine.  That’s why we wanted to offer some grooming tips on in-between trips to the groomer to make sure that every dog, from the short-haired Chihuahua to the long-haired Yorkshire Terrier, looks their best.

Short hair doesn’t mean no care.

While smooth, short-haired breeds, including the chihuahua or boxer, don’t need it as often, once a week grooming is necessary. Two types of brushes are standard; first, a rubber brush loosens dirt and dead skin. This is followed by a bristle brush, removes dead hair, helping reduce risk of shedding. Finally, if you want your pooch to have a little shine, the ASPCA recommends using a chamois cloth to rub down their coat.

Help prevent matting.

Breeds, including the retriever, that have short, dense hair only require a once-a-week groom. But this routine is a little bit different. While the bristle bush is still necessary, you also need to use a slicker brush, which is made with a lot of fine, extra soft pins. This brush helps to remove any tangles that can easily turn into mats, and it also helps to distribute oils through the coat, giving your dog a vibrant, healthy look.

Some pups are just a little bit more high maintenance.

We know how popular our Yorkie friends are, but they also require, like all breeds with long, smooth hair, the most grooming care. Daily brushing with both a slicker and bristle brush is necessary to prevent tangles and reduce the risk of mats. For certain breeds, including collies and Afghan hounds, you need to also trim around the hock and feet.

While these are only basic grooming tips, we hope you’ll realize how important they are to pups like us.  Not focusing on keeping our coats nice means more shedding, painful knots, and an unpleasant next visit to the groomer.  We don’t want that, and we’re sure you don’t either.  To keep us looking our best and ready for our next Cover Puppy pose this fall, follow these basic tips, check out the ASPCA’s grooming website, or contact your vet directly.  Not only will your pup be happy, but they’ll be the envy of your friends and neighbors.


Dogs At Work

While it is true pups make great pets, people often overlook our place as work dogs. With awesome agility, sensational snouts, comforting companionship, and an untold number of other talents, pups have boldly barked, “We’re here to work!” While most know us as K-9 police dogs or protectors for those with disabilities, in honor of the recent Labor Day festivities, we wanted to let you know some of the lesser known ways that pups get to work.

From dogs who sniff out expensive culinary ingredients to whose find endangered turtle nests, there is no shortage of the ways dogs help out.

From a Dog’s Nose to Your Table

truffle is the underground body of a mushroom so difficult to locate, that they’ve become highly prized culinary delicacies throughout the world, sometimes selling for over 100 dollars an ounce. Pigs used to be the primary animals humans used to find these treats, but as soon as humans found out the pigs liked to eat the truffles before they could harvest them, they turned to the Italian dog, the Lagotto Romagnolo, to help them out, using their keen sense of smell to search for these truffles in the European countryside.

A Scottish Terrier Helping The Environment

The Cairn Terrier, one of the oldest Scottish terrier breeds, might not be very big, but like the Lagotto Romagnolo, they’ve been found to have an extraordinary sense of smell. Unexpectedly, scientists in the United States, particularly in Texas off of Padre Island, have found the Cairn Terrier to be able to locate the nests of a particularly endangered sea turtle. Already 92 baby sea turtles have been found and released, with hopes that by 2020, the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle will no longer be endangered.

Long Recognized as a Guardian

While most people are familiar with the role of dogs protecting property, fewer are aware of the Komondor, a large Hungarian bred dog with a penchant for protecting livestock and homes from all kinds of predators since the 1500s. With long white, corded coats, they’re sometimes referred to as mop dogs, but don’t mistake their cute appearance for laziness. At night they’re alert, constantly patrol the perimeter of a sheep or goat farm. When they recognize an intruder, their strong agility can allow them to ward, or even knock down, wolves, bears or coyotes.

These are just some of the interesting ways that pups help humans. If you want to learn about other jobs dogs have, visit the American Kennel Club website to see which other breeds they’ve classed as the Working Group. And, if you’re interested, go read about your own breed. While you may love their slobbering kisses, you might just be surprised at what else they’re capable of doing.



Keeping Your Pup Healthy into the Fall

Within the past week, you probably noticed the dramatic change from the sultry summer air to the refreshing fall air. We did too! And while the cooler weather is better for all of us pups, there are still some important, easily overlooked, health tips to keep us barking and diving into the big piles of leaves we are already imagining.

Cooler weather means lots of runs around tall grasses and wooded areas, if they are nearby. But it’s still not cold enough to be rid of one big annoyance facing pups—fleas and ticks. Once they latch on to dog’s skin, fleas can cause a condition known as flea allergy dermatitis, which is an itchy, allergic rash that can cause a pup to scratch out patches of fur. Ticks can also cause a host of potentially dangerous illnesses, including Lyme disease.

Thankfully over-the-counter medicines stop fleas and ticks. However, sometimes they don’t work, so it might be necessary to see a vet, who will have to prescribe a more powerful medication.

Almost everyone is familiar with the old English nursery rhyme “This Old Man” which tells us to “give a dog a bone” but as you gear up for a session of cooking elaborate holiday meals, we encourage you not to give your pup a bone. While it’s tempting to give your pup the leftover meat scraps from a hard-earned meal, many of the bones can splinter too easily and cause your pup to choke. Instead, consider going to your nearest pet store and getting a compressed rawhide bone. (And here’s a list of other human foods a dog should never eat. Lay off the pumpkin pie, too.)

If you’ve noticed your pup hasn’t been inactive, is having irregular bowel movements, or has a lack lackluster coat, you might want to check what dog food you’re feeding him. Diet matters to overall health. In this way, pups are very much like humans.

Maybe you’re on a budget, but giving your dog cheap, filler-laden dog food is like you eating McDonald’s Big Macs three times a day. Even though dogs foods with natural ingredients are more expensive, they are more nutrient rich, meaning you have to feed your pup less overall. Not only is the price difference marginal, but your pup will be more energetic, and have a shiny, luxurious coat that other owners will envy.

These are just three easy things to consider to get your dog in the best possible shape. While some of these tips might require a veterinarian’s smarts, most are things you, the pup owner, can do with their own ingenuity. For more tips, and help with what you can do from home, check out a list of fun facts by our friends at the American Kennel Club.

In the meantime, enjoy the crisp, breezy air with your pup. Don’t forget to snap a picture and post to our Facebook wall to be our next Cover Puppy!