Dog Hotels Spring Up for All Types of Pups

Have you booked a vacation and wondered what you can do with your pup friend? Just like kids, we can’t stay home alone. While it is often easy to find a family member or neighbor to take care of us (who can resist the slobbery kisses?), sometimes there just isn’t anyone to care of us. So before you consider canceling your trip to the tropical islands as the weather turns cold, we wanted let you know that dog boarding hotels and camps have popped up to provide a safe, fun home for pups while you’re away!

But there a few things you need to remember as you consider them for your upcoming trip.

Know your pup’s temperament. While dog boarding hotels are safe, pups will have to interact with other furry friends. If your dog is the Schnauzer on the block that barks and snarls at other dogs, it’s unwise to go to a boarding hotel. Most locations will screen for temperament beforehand, so save yourself the trip if you know your dog is more solitary than sociable.

Pup health is a big priority at boarding hotels. To stop the spread of unwanted illness and infection, much like an overnight camp for the kids, most places require, especially for younger pups, proof of vaccination history and a recent check-up. If you haven’t been to the vet recently, this might be a good reminder to consider going. Not only will it help your pup get into a reputable boarding hotel, it’ll help you rest easy knowing they are barktastic!

Five star, one star…you have to do your research. This might seem self-explanatory, but it’s easy to overlook. Like human hotels, pup’s accommodations vary from the five-star palace of Urban Tails Dubai, equipped with plasma TVs with private suites to more standard accommodations that PetSmart’s PetHotels offer. None of these places will remind you of a dirty, dingy basement, but every pet owner has a different budget, and is looking for different services for their furry friend.

It might also be important to look at how long these pet hotels have been operating; while it’s not unwise to check out a new hotel, those with a dedicated history, and customer service base, can put your mind at ease. This history shows they have expertise in providing the highest standard of care.

If none of these options sound right for your dog, consider bringing her along with you. Increasingly, hotels are recognizing pampered pooches exist, so try making a call to your hotel to see what services they might be able to provide. If you end up bringing your pooch along, consider taking a photo and posting it to our Facebook wall!