Pet Friendly Furniture

Pups we know how much we want to love and cuddle with our humans during movie night or just about any night.  Unfortunately we dogs are usually happy to be grubby, furry, and just a tad bit messy with tracking sand, dirt and mud into the house, all the while wagging our tails for joy.  So let’s talk about helping our humans to choose furniture that is dog friendly, while still keeping the house looking great!

Humans should choose furniture that is easy to clean

It’s not so much about choosing colors that don’t show the dirt, but rather about making sure that if and when the furniture is soiled by your beloved K9 that it is reasonably easy to clean. Of course white and pastel shades are a NO NO because dirt is surely going to show more quickly than darker colors.

Anything that is covered with fabric of any sort will be at risk, even if it has been treated with a proprietary product designed to make it easy to clean. The alternative is to have couches and chairs that have removable covers; or solid furniture with cushions that have removable covers. Or you can use throws over the furniture when the doggies are around.

Choose furniture which is DURABLE

This is not an easy one, because some of us dogs are capable of more damage than others.  You will need to weigh up the damage potential in relation to your K9 friend.  For instance young puppies are much more likely to chew furniture and other household items than older dogs. This could mean anything from wood chairs and tables to woolen carpets.

Keeping your pets out of certain spaces may help too! Some of us pups just can help ourselves :)

How to keep pets off your furniture

Consider getting puppy gates or blocking off certain areas of your home for puppies that are newly being trained.  This will save your furniture and help your new pet learn the house better!

Whatever kind of doggie you have, big or small, young or old,  you can make the effort to provide them with a place they consider their own.  Dogs are creatures of comfort and habit. If they have their own cozy corner with a cushion of some sort, they are less likely to try and find refuge on your couch, chair or even your bed.

Get your pup his own chill spot

When pups have their own place of comfort to share with the family we are certainly happy to stay off the human couches and beds.  These pieces of furniture can be very affordable and keep the peace in the household.  For example, Petco sell Doggy Chaises for less than $80

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