Preparing for Howl-o-ween

While us dogs are having a lot of fun playing in fall weather, we know Halloween is coming up! This is holiday can be a real treat for pups and their owners.

Sometimes we don’t always like costumes on the more elaborate side. If your pup is new to Halloween costumes, it might be a good idea to try one that is mostly accessories first. Dressing up with a fun witch’s hat, devil horns, or a themed collar is simple and less bothersome if your dog seems opposed to a whole costume. If your pup is completely in the Halloween spirit, Target and PetSmart offer some great costumes. Owners can even match their pup’s costume! Always make sure that the costume your dog is wearing does not obstruct vision or walking.

If your pup is accompanying you to Halloween festivities, remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs. Even though we cannot share our owner’s favorite Halloween treat, we do love treats. Some people make homemade dog treats or get them from dog treat bakeries. This pumpkin and peanut butter treat is sure to please some pups on Halloween!

Us pups love this time of year just as much as our owners do. Remember to exercise caution with treats and costumes, and most of all—remember to have fun!

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