Pups make exercising fun!

If you’re a human who exercises frequently and is looking to change things up a little or someone who is hoping to exercise more, your pup might be the answer! ‘Dogs are the latest in home exercise equipment’ according to the New York Times. Not only is exercising with your beloved pooch good for you, it’s good for them too.

Just like with humans, exercise is good for your pups body and mind. It helps fight obesity, releases excess energy, and keeps both people and humans happier and more content. If your dog is very hyper or causing a lot of trouble, chances are it’s because they are not getting enough exercise. Working out along with them ensures that they are actually getting the proper amount of exercise, and it helps your waistline as well!

Every dog is different so make sure to check with your veterinarian to see if your pup is in good health before making them a part of your exercise routine. Once they are cleared for activity make sure your pup gets good aerobic exercise at least three times a week! Besides that, dogs should get some form of exercise every day.

Human and dogs exercising together seems to be the latest trend. Even Hilary Duff is doing it! So keep up with what the stars are doing and make this your new “pet” project.

Some fun activities your pup may be included in on are walking, running, swimming, and bicycling. For a list of fun activities you may do with your best friend while still getting exercise yourself click here.

Staying hydrated is extremely important too! Make sure you fill up the water bowl when returning home. Make sure you also check for signs that you may be working your dog too hard. Some examples of this would be heavy panting and overheating. Small dogs cannot quite handle what big dogs can so make sure the exercise that you choose fits your friend.

Your pup will love exercising with you because it will create an even stronger bond between the two of you. It not only shows them that you’re willing to include them in something but it’s also better for their health and well being, and trust me, they know!

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