Take Your Dog to Work!

We pups are perfectly happy to stretch out at home on the couch. But we don’t want to be stuck inside every weekday. That’s why we’re already barking for Friday when you can take us to work with you. That’s because it is the annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. But before you rush to get our doggy bags packed, we want to remind you of a few things that will keep us wagging our tails and making sure  your coworkers stay happy!

Do an office check before Friday. While it’s hard for us to imagine someone doesn’t like dogs, some of your coworkers might be allergic or afraid. The last thing we want is to make someone uncomfortable during the work day.

Ensure your office is puppy safe. If everyone agrees to having us around, you have to get rid of hazards that might be unsafe for us. Wires, plants, office supplies or anything that might be dangerous to chew on should be out of reach.

Grooming, grooming, grooming. Nobody wants to pet a dog that smells bad or looks mangy. Give us a bathe and brush before Friday to make us the envy of the office!

Dogs need their own bags, too. If humans need a briefcase full of necessities, so do us dogs. Be sure to pack a leash, food, treats, a bowl, paper towels and doggy-bags. Anything that we’d need on a day when you’re home is something we need in the office.


With all that in mind, remember not to force any coworkers to interact with us. If they seem afraid, show us off to somebody else. While you have have to stay from 9-5, we might not be able to make it the whole day. Sometimes a new environment leaves us agitated. Talk with your boss beforehand to see if you’re able to bring us home if we get tired.

Even if you can’t bring us to your office, you can still show us off to coworkers through CoverPuppy. Maybe our magazine covers will inspire your coworkers to start planning for next year’s event!

For more ideas on what you can do at your workplace, check out this link for clever ideas from businesses across the country.

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