Tips for the Dog Days of Summer

There isn’t a moment where us pups don’t love to play outside. Running, catching a Frisbee, swimming, everything about summer gets our tails wagging. But in these dog days of summer, we also feel the heat and humidity. Like humans, we need to be kept safe and healthy.

You might not realize some of the things that are specific to our well-being. Here’s what we want you to remember:

Take us for a walk before work or at dusk. We need our exercise, but the hottest part of the day can tire us out too easily. You don’t run in the middle of the day, so we shouldn’t either!

Give us lots of water. Make plenty of cool, fresh water on hot days. We can get dehydrated just as easily as humans.

If we have to stay outside, don’t put us in a doghouse. Doghouses trap heat and can make us sick very easily. Instead, get a wading pool and fill it with water so we have a place to cool off.

Have us protected against pesky mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. It’s bug season and because we’re so irresistible, we attract a lot of them. We know preventative care is expensive, but our friends at American Kennel Club have some affordable options to help out.

We loving swimming, but… the currents and riptide can be strong. Never leave us unattended and be sure to check on water conditions before heading out.

NEVER leave us in a car. In a matter of minutes, temperatures inside a car can rise above 100 degrees. Like babies or small children, we can get sick very easily.

These are only a few tips, but they’re some of the most important to remember in making this a barktastic summer. For more ways to keep us safe and to find out about a cool pet weather app, visit our friends at the ASPCA.

If you and your pup make it out swimming, don’t forget to snap a photo and post it to our Facebook! We know they’d be perfect for Spots Illustrated.

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