Ways Your Pet Can Improve Your Health

Many people wouldn’t think that having a pet would do much but to keep the owner company. But there’s many benefits to having a pet and even more interesting are the health benefits that come with having a pet. Having a pet can help with emotion, mood, physical health and fitness as well as building and maintaining relationships.

Believe it or not, pets can enhance your mood. If youre feeling stressed or anxious, it doesn’t take long for the stress and anxiety levels to decrease. Of course, a lot of stress isnt good for the body but being around a dog or a cat or even watching a fish swim around for 15 to 30 minutes can aid in the wear and tear that stress can do to the body. Pets also can help in those that suffer from depression. Petting, grooming, walking and playing with your pet can have a calming effect on your emotions and mental health.

Your physical health is extremely important but if you come to realize that you havent attended any of the group fitness classes you signed up for, there is a simple solution to get yourself into shape. Taking your dog out for a 30 minute walk or playing fetch can help improve your physical fitness and keep you moving. Also, your pet can become your exercise partner. Theres even yoga classes that people can do with their dogs called doga. Call your local gym to see if they offer that or a similar program.

Another way to stay healthy is to have relatonahips and to be engaged with others, talk to other pet owners. Visiting a dog park allows you to socialize with other owners  by starting conversations about what kind dog you have, how many, share cool tricks your dog can do. These conversations can then branch into other more in depth conversations. Aside from building realationships, animals can also be used to improve them.

Arguing with your spouse too often? Some mental health therapists use dogs in their therapy techniques. One therapist tells a story about a couple who argued constantly. The dog that usualy slept or sat quietly in the office wanted out of the office when the couple began arguing. The therapist used this as a way to show the couple how their bickering effected those around them, specifically their children.

Whether its physical, emotional or mental health, animals can your happy pill. Buiding a better you takes dedication and time and who better to take that journey with then your best pal.

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