What Does Your Pup Say About Your Personality?

We created CoverPuppy to share all of the beautiful puppy faces with the world while fighting animal cruelty across the United States. Each dog is an individual, and has his or her own personality and quirky traits. Whether they are sunbathing on a towel with shades on, or playing in the snow with their winter jacket it is a way for you to showcase your adorable dog and share them with your friends by posting it to Facebook. Your puppy might be handsome, unusual, even fancy, or too fancy, but no matter what, they deserve to be a CoverPuppy. In our own minds each of these puppies are the most beautiful creature on four legs. Just like this clip from 101 Dalmatians we are all unique and each of us embraces our own style, especially when we choose our pets. What is your perfect pet pair?

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