Wishing Your Pup A Happy Birthday!

We know our pup friends are observant! So we’re guessing you’ve probably realized all of the birthday bashes your owners or friends have been holding lately. But how many of you have had your own birthday celebrated?

Are you itching for a cake? Doggy bags? Presents? We want to offer some tips to make planning a party easier for your owners and safe for you. Keep these tips in mind and then invite your pup friends over. Just don’t forget to take pictures! We want to see the festivities.


We know one of the most important parts of any human birthday party is the cake. Pups love treats too, but you have to remember that while humans like chocolate, even the smallest amount is poisonous to pups. We recommend raiding a Petco Dog Treat Bar. Find larger dog biscuits and line them on the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle your favorite type of wet dog food over those biscuits. Keep layering dog biscuits and wet dog food until you have the right size cake and then sprinkle the top with any other treats your pup desires.


What party is complete without a doggy bag? The easiest thing to include in these are, of course, new dog toys! What pup isn’t going to like a little chew toy? Be sure to know the other dogs that might be coming along to the party. Tiny chew toys won’t work for a German Shepard but a Pomeranian could easily be dwarfed by other toys. For a range of toys, we recommend KONG.

But you can also show your creativity or craftiness! Another idea includes making homemade treats or cookies. Check out some great recipes here or let your imagination run wild.


While you can easily hold a pup party inside, you have to think about how messy a group of dogs might be as they sink their teeth into the cake. If you think your pup and pup friends will be messy, consider hosting the party in outdoor, fenced in backyard. Much easier to clean up the mess and more room for the dogs to run around and play!

Just remember if it’s a hot summer today to have plenty of water or even a smaller wading pool. You don’t want any of the pups to get sick.

With these tips in mind, don the party hats and get to bark out, “Happy Birthday to you!” In a season of parties and summer fun, there’s never a moment when you can’t pamper your pup.  As always, don’t forget to snap their photo and make them our next Cover Puppy!

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